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Ticket Resolved... I think not

My issue has by NO means been resolved. I suggest you get your staff to sort this out IMMEDIATELY! I have been patiently waiting for a response since 28 May 2015. In your email you said "don't huff and puff"... Well I haven't and I am going to start if this is not sorted out.

I have tried numerous times to try and contact "Pause Beauty" directly with no success. I responded to your email the other day saying this was STILL the case and yet I get an email saying this is resolved?

Have I spent money on a SCAM or am I getting this ACTUALLY resolved soon or refunded?

Please contact me when you actually have a solution.


Shannon Ireton

5 people have this problem

Ordered canvas prints from print24.received the mounts,but was very poor standard.pieter from print 24 said he wil redo the the reprints,just to find it printed in different color schemes.very bad service from print24.Asked daddys deals for a refund.Still waiting.been 2 days without any response.

Dont know if I will ever use them again.client service poor to say the least.


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I don't know whether they repaid my money for tHe photo shoot back to daddysdeals

Hi there,

I wish to have a refund for a purchase I made via your website. After I made the payment and emailed the resort for booking arrangements, they told me to cancel the payment and use e-wallet - yet that was not the option given on the website. 

I have raised this issue and a ticket was issued but I have not received any response regarding this.

Please let me know the status of ticket number 373745

We've sent more then two emails and nothing has been done all I get is give us 48 hours to resolve the issue with no further correspondence, now the new response is that you've moved office which has nothing to do with me. Is this is a quick money making scam because even your contact numbers are not operarational. We received unresolved ticket, are we getting service or refunded?? I will never recommended daddy's deal services to anyone. Annoyed client

I am also starting to wonder if this Daddy's Deal is a money making scam. I got such poor service from Far Hills Hotel. They told me to get in touch with Daddy's Deals. They (Far Hills) had alerted DD to the fact that they can no longer accommodate my booking (which was done 2-and-a-half months ago, mind you). I want my refund on the voucher I bought but still no response from Daddy's Deals.

Its clear that Daddydeals is just another money scam, i ordered and paid for my order in November 2015 and no delivery was done. I've spoken to a Raoul who was not only unprofessional but rude as well, made promises to get back to me till now, the emails no longer go through and they keep sending this annoying messages saying ticket was resolved when nothing was resolved. Today it even said my payment was not successful when i've sent the a 100 times the proof of payment. I guess i been scamed

Been awaiting a refund back into my credit card for a cancelled voucher but nothing has been done. And on sending many response.

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